Despite the far too late and too pointless Pritzker, I strongly suspect Modern Architecture, Architects and often the products of South Asian architecture schools are considered passé outside the region. Hopelessly outdated, third world, wannabe. But Correa embraced the term third world all his life, it meant as he wrote that there was another ‘third’ way, an alternative from the other two blocs. To study architecture in India, (starting from the 1960s) is to know intimately the oeuvre of Correa: the section of Kanchenjunga and Kovalam resort, the floor plan of the tube house proposal, the tartan grid of Gandhi ashram, the processional path through the crafts village and the Bharat Bhavan, the layered generative diagrams of the Jawahar Kala Kendra and Madhyapradesh Legislative Assembly.

This is not to mention his work in housing.These are buildings that probably cost a tenth of that of his ‘famous’ Euro-American counterparts. With the notable exception of buildings like Kanchenjunga, they are places and spaces where ordinary folk fit in without looking like set pieces ( unlike the ones 'trapped' as blurs in photographs today).