“This is the most important amendment being sought by the council,” President, Council of Architecture told The Hindu

“Let building design be restricted to architects because it is their domain. Today, even non-architects design buildings. And this (the restriction) should be done by amending the Architects Act of 1972,” says President of Council of Architecture Uday Gadkari.

Building design is a specialised, five-year-long training imparted through schools of architecture.

“How can non-architects design buildings?” he asks.

It is a question of five years of learning versus no-learning, he says.

All other technical matters like structural design, services and advanced services must be handled by appropriate experts from technical engineering fields.

“This is the most important amendment being sought by the council,” he told The Hindu on Wednesday. ... “The practices not in existence then must come to our country immediately. There has to be total liberalisation and globalisation of this field. We cannot be narrow-minded,” he says. There were no interdisciplinary practices earlier. An architect is supposed to be the head of the team. But building activity has become so complex and technically advanced that it is the amalgamation of various experts from various fields. He is of the view that the Act and law should make the provision for their coming together and working.