An international congress on “International City Councils and Cities Congress” will be organized in Istanbul during April 14-15, 2016 by Istanbul Aydin University Center for Studies on Turkey and UNESCO Chair on Cultural Diplomacy, Governance and Education. The papers can be presented either in Turkish or in English. 

The aim of the Congress is to discuss the role of city councils in academia and society in general. International researchers, academicians, non-governmental organizations, members and administrators of institutions who study city councils and cities, and the stake holders of local governments and city councils will present their projects and other studies, bulletin, research papers on city councils and cities. 

This congress provides an opportunity to discuss priority issues on these subjects and aims to provide a space to develop a better understanding of the city council. The aim of the Congress is to assess the quarter of a century history, current status and predictions of city council.

There will be two platforms in the Congress: academic and thematic. The aim of the thematic platform is to get academicians, public administrator and representatives of other council come together to discuss their problem proposals and share these with the public. Subjects headings academic and/or thematic planned to be presented in the Congress have been given below.


  1. Local Democracy and City Councils
  2. Functionality and Sustainability of City Councils
  3. City Councils and Assemblies (Women, Youth, Disabled and Children Assembly)
  4. Citizenship and Urban Consciousness
  5. Relation Between City Councils and Civil Society
  6. City Councils and Reputation Brand? Managemen


  • SESSION 1: CITIZEN RIGHTS “CITY IS THE FREEDOM!” What have been done till today and what can we do next to increase the ability of  city councils to make Projects  which  strengthen urban life and increase the relevance with universal standards? 
  • SESSION 2: URBAN ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS “OVERCOME IT!”  What is the best solutions that city councils to provide to the problems of poverty, unemployment, substance dependence, refugee and other human problems that spill out into the streets? Best implementation examples and requirements?
  • SESSION 3: GREEN DEVELOPMENT “LOVE THE NATURE, PROTECT YOUR ENVIRONMENT! ” What is the expectation and roles of city council about the human, nature and technology can live together and applications that measures problems? 
  • SESSION 4: POSSIBLE RISKS IN THE URBAN SETTING & THE CRISIS MANAGEMENT “BE READY FOR EVERY POSSIBILITY!” What is the role of city council for disaster and accidents especially preparation against earthquakes? What is the capacity in the face of disaster?
  • SESSION 5: URBAN INTEGRATION OF DISADVANTAGEOUS GROUP “RESIST TO BECOME ENSTRANGED”  What stage is it the capacity of the city council for women, youth, children, disabled, pensioners, rural-to-urban migrants to urban life integration?
  • SESSION 6: GOOD GOVERNANCE IN THE CITY “LOVE GOOD GOVERNANCE AND WANT IT!”  Good governance, mutual accountability requires the involvement of all the party decisions and practices within the public perspective and contains many elements like law and economics. How can we love good governance? How can we discuss important issues such as urban renewal? 

We hope to see the academic studies which consist of new and original information, documents and assessments on the subject matters listed under the main headings above of scientists and researchers who wish to participate in the congress.