The main theme proposed for the SIGraDi 2020 International Conference is Transformative design, stressing on the paramount role of design, architecture and project disciplines for the sustaining of life, by means of a strong synergy with conventional and disruptive technologies, in order to find a convergence between natural and artificial systems.

Project disciplines are pushed and amplified through the different technologies which trigger and encourage transformations in material, social and cultural matters to improve living standards. Analyze, investigate, discuss and problematize about the transformations in life that design implies, allows us to expand the boundaries of knowledge in professional, academic and research issues around an integrative, multidisciplinary and systematic visión forward-looking welfare for every living being in the ecosystem.

In this framework, many questions arise such as: ¿What are the role that technology will play in different material, social and cultural transformations? ¿Is it possible to present systemic, contextualized and sustainable design solutions by the means of using analog, digital or mixed technologies? ¿How to present ethical design solutions through the relationship between design, technology, and biology? ¿ Which are the emerging academic paradigms in project disciplines with a sustainability approach? ¿ Is it possible to start a transition between design for human being and design for the ecosystem? ¿What is the mediation between technology and society in relation to the displacement of communities and the post-conflict situation?

These are some of the questions that you can present to start a discussion around the topic of the transforming design in the SIGraDI 2020. Interrogations that become increasingly important as the design and architecture are placed as facilitators to preserve life, allowing human beings to transform and adapt to different crises such as: respect for the human rights, caring about biodiversity, climatic change, pollution and even the search for peace.

We are pleased to invite academics, researchers, professionals and students to present research results with different visions, perspectives and critical analysis on the main theme of SIGradi 2020 Transformative design, highlighting the fundamental role of design, architecture and different project disciplines to promote social, cultural and material transformations, through conventional and disruptive technologies, promoting an integration between natural and artificial systems.

The proposals may be oriented to the following thematic axes, not exclusive:

[01] Theories and design practices in digital contexts

  • Design theories and conceptual models
  • Design research in digital contexts
  • Cognition and communication of the project
  • Collaborative and collective design
  • Digital drawing

[02] Morphogenesis, synthesis and analysis of forms

  • Parametric and algorithmic modeling
  • Performance-based design
  • Generative systems
  • Complex and self-organized systems
  • Shape grammar

[03] Manufacture and digital construction

  • Digital fabrication
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Automated construction
  • Robotics
  • Fab labs

[04] Information, models and simulations

  • Building information modeling (BIM)
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Information processing and visualization
  • Smart cities
  • Big data

[05] Interfaces and devices

  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • Interaction design
  • User interfaces and user experiences (UI / UX)
  • Responsive environments, sensors and feedback
  • Physical computing

[06] Teaching, research and extension in digital contexts

  • Research, learning and knowledge networks
  • Distributed intelligences and cloud computing
  • Citizen science and open science
  • University extension practices with digital media
  • Platforms and MooCs

[07] Creative industries and artistic practices

  • Digital art and technopoetics
  • Digital animation
  • Multimedia production
  • Application design
  • Gamification

[08] Digital technologies and society

  • Open source and social technologies
  • Participatory and bottom-up processes
  • Activisms: art, cyberculture, hacker
  • Collective cartographies and social mapping
  • Maker movement, DIY and DIWO

Authors must submit their proposals through the Open Conference System (OCS) platform, the opening of the platform will soon be announced.

SIGraDI 2020 will offer different workshops around the main theme Transformative design and thematic axes, such as: theories and design practices in digital contexts, morphogenesis, synthesis and analysis of forms, digital manufacturing and construction, interfaces and devices, among others.

SIGraDI 2020 will also open a call to participate in the Phd workshop, aimed at PhD students.