Kanye West's Unpermitted Vision for Housing Utopia Has Been Demolished

Kanye had 45 days to submit plans for the unpermitted buildings built on his property in Calabasas, California. Instead, the rapper tore the buildings down.


All but one of the housing prototypes were torn down1  with about a week to spare before the September 15 deadline ... imposed by the L.A. County Dept. of Public Works for violating the building code. 


It's unclear if he's moving the project elsewhere -- he did just buy a huge ranch in Wyoming -- or putting it on hold. Whatever he decides, construction will have to start from scratch.

  • 1. "The prototypes were part of the rapper-slash-designer-slash-producer’s grand vision to build an egalitarian community of sustainable homes, according to a Forbes writer who toured the property last month, in the style of the Tatooine settlements that debuted in the first Star Wars film," according to another article on the subject of the demolition, this one written by Sydney Franklin. source: Planetizen