Ohio University Summer Programs invites applications for a unique two-week program focused on the Global City.

Students will examine the notion of the global city with the help of OU faculty and invited international scholars. Through visits to Columbus and the Little Cities of Black Diamonds (the old mining towns of Southeast Ohio) students will explore the connection between globalization and urbanization in Ohio's past and present. The program's film series and guided visits to different businesses and organizations in Athens will help students consider the presence of the global in the local experiences of both cities and small towns.

The program is open to advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and postgraduate professionals interested in urban studies, urbanization and urban planning, and the influence globalization has had on the urban experience. Students may register for credit or request a certificate of completion.

For more information visit the program website or contact the program directors:

  • Mariana Dantas (Dept. of History) dantas[at]ohio.edu
  • Joseph McLaughlin (Dept. of English) mclaughj[at]ohio.edu
  • Marina Peterson (Center for International Studies) petersm2[at]ohio.edu


This unique and exciting two-week summer program offers students the opportunity to investigate the trendy and controversial notion of the global city. Students will have the opportunity to hear from and work closely with international scholars studying cities and globalization in various parts of the world. The program’s film series will discuss popular, documentary, and cult movies that depict the urban challenges and promises of real and fictional cities. Student will visit sites in Athens, the old mining towns of Southeast Ohio, and Columbus to investigate ways in which globalizing forces have and continue to affect urban geographies, populations, and economies. Supported by classroom instruction and discussion, the many activities of the Global City, Past and Present program will help advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and postgraduate professionals critically examine the idea of the global city in a historical, contemporary, and applied perspective.

Program Highlights

  • Visit to Columbus, OH, the Columbus Council on World Affairs, Global Columbus Initiative, and the Columbus International Festival Committee.
  • Guided visit to the Little Cities of Black Diamonds, the old coal mining towns of Southeast Ohio.
  • Film series and discussion with faculty and visiting scholars
  • A scavenger hunt for the global in Athens: visits to local businesses and organizations that engage global audiences and markets

Eligibility and selection process

  • The program is open to all undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing and to postgraduate professionals in the fields of education, public administration, policy making, among others. Undergraduate applicants not matriculated at Ohio University must have successfully completed high school or its equivalent; graduate applicants and postgraduate professionals must have successfully completed a bachelor’s degree program or its equivalent.

Living Arrangements

  • Students may seek interim housing through Residential Housing or remain in their off-campus accommodations, if applicable.

Courses & Credits

  • 3 credits; INST 4900/5900 – Special Topics in International Studies: Global Cities, Past and Present. Available as a non-credit experience for postgraduate professionals.


  • Undergraduate Student Budget1
  • Graduate Student Budget2
  • Non-Credit Participant Budget3
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