15th Conference of the The European Society for the Study of English (ESSE)

This seminar aims to look at issues of memory and spatialization. By space in transit we refer to the dynamic and malleable nature of space, which becomes apparent in configurations linked to collective memories about the past, subjected as they are to ongoing negotiations and interpretations (e.g.: monuments, memorials, architecture, ruins, topographic features). Can inter-medial representations of space contribute to illuminate the complex dynamics of memory? Do literary and cultural artefacts have the potential to function as sites of memory themselves, in the absence or failure of material sites?. Our particular focus is on literary and cultural representations of urban space associated with collective memories, but we will also consider explorations of memory and space from a broader perspective. 

Seminar convenors: Lourdes López Ropero (University of Alicante, Spain) [email protected], and Marzena Sokolowska-Paryz (University of Warsaw, Poland) [email protected]

Please, send 200-250 word abstracts to both co-convenors by 15 January 2020. Preliminary inquiries are welcome. 

A book project will be launched based on selected papers.