From an unpublished interview by Malay Chatterjee done in 1989

"On Deolalikar's Bhavan's, the National Museum and the Supreme Court. He used Lutyens' red stone plinth to start with and then messed up his proportions and his fenestration as he moved up, culminating in ridiculous chattris and 'solar-topi' domes. the Supreme Court's dome and chattris are the ugliest manifestations of the semi-classical hangover in Delhi. Nehru was furious with the Dome and coined the phrase 'solar-topi' dome. But Deolalikar was very proud of the Supreme Court. He used to tell me that the plan layout represented the 'scales of justice'. To me the plan looked like a giant pair of tongs ready to squeeze our necks. Conceived as a tribute to the memory of Lutyens and Baker, it ended up as an insult."