CHANDIGARH: State today finalized a comprehensive blueprint based on the convergence of various development schemes for the Smart City Proposals of Amritsar and Jalandhar for round 2 of the Smart City Challenge of Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India.

During the first round, Amritsar was ranked 25th and Jalandhar was ranked 27th in the Country. Round 2 of the Challenge (2016-17) has already begun and detailed proposals by 54 cities including Jalandhar and Amritsar will be submitted by 30th June 2016. The 23 cities which are required to upgrade their proposals and which do not meet the benchmark set by the winning cities; will also join the challenge of main Round 2. Amritsar city has also been selected under HRIDAY (Heritage Development and Augmentation Yojana) scheme of Government of India. In the first phase, a total Rs 69 crores will be spent. One of the most important projects that got the sanction was the comprehensive road development and upgradation of 21 major roads leading to the Golden Temple. Chief Secretary directed the HRIDAY scheme consultants to finalize the proposal by 20th May 2016.

The Amritsar round 2 proposal included Area Based Development with focus on Integral Parking Management, Installation of Street cameras, LED based lamps, integrated Tourist Assistance Center, effective drainage system, Solid Waste Management, Carbon emissions, solar panels etc. The main focus area shall be the convergence of various schemes like AMRUT, Digital India Programme, HRIDAY scheme, PRASAD Scheme (Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Augmentation Drive), Skill Development, Swachh Bharat Mission, Housing of all etc. The Pan City proposals include Intelligent Traffic Management System, IP based Video Surveillance System, Variable Message Signboards etc. Smart city proposals of round 2 include City Profile, Area Based Proposal, Pan City proposal, Implementation plan, financial plans including resource planning, operations and maintenance, financial timelines etc. Chief Secretary directed the Secretary Local Government to have meeting with M/s Wapcos consultant AMRUT scheme with Smart City consultants for better convergence of both the schemes.