Glasgow, Scotland, UK, June 7 - 11, 2017

The Society of Architectural Historians is now accepting abstracts for its 70th Annual International Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, June 7–11. Please submit an abstract no later than June 6, 2016, to one of the 33 thematic sessions, the Graduate Student Lightning Talks or the open sessions. The thematic sessions have been selected to cover topics across all time periods and architectural styles. SAH encourages submissions from architectural, landscape, and urban historians; museum curators; preservationists; independent scholars; architects; and members of SAH chapters and partner organizations.

Thematic sessions and Graduate Student Lightning Talks are listed below. Please note that those submitting papers for the Graduate Student Lightning Talks must be graduate students at the time the talk is being delivered (June 7–11, 2017). Open sessions are available for those whose research does not match any of the themed sessions. Instructions and deadlines for submitting to themed sessions and open sessions are the same. 

Submission Guidelines: 

  • Abstracts must be under 300 words.
  • The title cannot exceed 65 characters, including spaces and punctuation.
  • Abstracts and titles must follow the Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Only one abstract per conference by author or co-author may be submitted.
  • A maximum of two (2) authors per abstract will be accepted.


  • ‘A Narrow Place’: Architecture and the Scottish Diaspora 
  • Architectural Ghosts
  • Architecture and Carbon
  • Architecture and Immigration in the Twentieth Century
  • Chinese Architecture and Gardens in a Global Context
  • City Models: Making and Remaking Urban Space
  • Colour and Light in Venetian Architecture
  • Culture, Leisure and the Post-War City: Renewal and Identity
  • Evidence and Narrative in Architectural History
  • Graduate Student Lightning Talks
  • Heritage and History in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Landscape and Garden Exchanges between Scotland and America
  • Mass Housing ‘Elsewhere’
  • Medieval Vernacular Architecture
  • Mediterranean Cities in Transition
  • National, International: Counterculture as a Global Enterprise
  • Natural Disasters and the Rebuilding of Cities 
  • On Style 
  • Penetrable Walls: Architecture at the Edges of the Roman Empire
  • Piranesi at 300
  • Preserving and Repurposing Social Housing: Pitfalls and Promises
  • Publicly Postmo / dern: Government Agency and 1980s Architecture 
  • Questions of Scale: Micro-architecture in the Global Middle Ages
  • Reading the Walls: From Tombstones to Public Screens
  • Reinserting Latin America in the History of Modernism: 1965–1990
  • Reopening the Open Plan
  • Rethinking Medieval Rome: Architecture and Urbanism
  • Spaces of Displacement
  • The Architecture of Ancient Spectacle
  • The Architecture of Coal and Other Energies 
  • The Global and the Local in Vernacular Architecture Studies
  • The Poetics of Roman Architecture
  • The Politics of Memory, Territory, and Heritage in Iraq and Syria
  • The Tenement: Collective City Dwelling Before Modernism