Rwanda will in October host the third Transform Africa Summit that will focus on developing 'smart cities.'

According to Dr Hamadoun Touré, the executive director of Smart Africa, the meeting will convene over 300 mayors of cities across Africa to showcase the components of a smart city.

The smart cities initiative, which aims at leveraging technology solutions to improve efficiency of cities, has seen Rwanda roll out a number of developments such as WiFi in public areas, including public transport vehicles, as well as cashless payment systems in public transport.

Currently, the initiative is backed by 11 African countries while more nations are expected to join.

Toure told The New Times that the initiative will go on with efforts to bring more countries on board.

The initiative is on the vergKigali city. The forthcoming Smart Africa summit will tackle the issue of developing smart cities in the continent. e of building partnerships with governments, academia, and private sector to increase its relevance in the ICT ecosystem.

During the just-concluded World Economic Forum on Africa in Kigali, the Smart Africa Alliance entered into a partnership with Ericsson to meet the goal of developing a more connected and fully functioning knowledge-based society in Africa.