Convening Session November 4–5, 2016

Architecture education in India is in crisis with a shortage of teachers, overcrowded classes and widespread cheating by students, according to architects in the country.


Desperate to complete their studies and receive their professional qualification, students are cheating by paying others to make models, produce renderings and even write their thesis.

"Architecture theses are up for sale in the country, and there are agencies who will be doing your complete work in exchange for a certain remuneration," said young architect Shubhayan Modak, who is co-founder of architecture website Sthapatya.1

Modak said these services are advertised openly on Facebook.

"We understand that the pressure of thesis is tremendous and not every student is able to cope up with it," ran a Facebook post by an organisation called Atelier Cube, which has since been removed. "Not every student can be equally brilliant and not every student carries passion for architecture."2


  • 1. Modak said costs range from around 10,000 Indian rupees (£109) for visualisations and walk-throughs, to upwards of 25,000 Indian rupees (£273) for physical models. A full thesis can cost up to 75,000 Indian rupees (£818).Modak said the practice of paying for theses was unethical, but not illegal. He said that the CoA had no issued guidelines about the practice. The CoA did not respond to emails from Dezeen.
  • 2. "There is no shame to accept or for taking any kind of outside help," continued the post, which offered help with 3D modelling, physical modelling, rendering and presentation. "Any help will be provided at affordable prices. Drop us a message and we will revert in no time."