The Embassy of Denmark saw potential to stake on a Smart City-collaboration between Singapore and Denmark more than a year ago, and since then they have established a strong relation between Singaporean authorities and Danish interests within this field. A consortium consisting of the Danish Embassy in Singapore, Gate 21, DTU, and consulent company Quercus Group will in collaboration with Industriens Fond transform the Singaporean interest for the Danish way of thinking-model into export orders.

“The approach is to establish a living city lab, a “Living Lab”, in collaboration between Denmark and Singapore, where solutions and products will be demonstrated in practice by Danish and Singaporean companies. Singaporeans will be involved and take action to adjust Danish solutions into a Singaporean context, and afterwards be able to export their new solutions to both Singapore and the rest of Asia,” says Mads Lebech, administrative director of Industriens Fond.

The Smart City World Labs already consists of 40 Danish companies, organisations, universities, and municipalties. One of them is Gate 21, a partnership between municipalties and knowledge institutions, which are going to bridge the gap between Danish companies and Singapore.

“We will continue to build up the idea of a living city laboratory. The Living Lab-model has turned out to very sustainable in DOLL (Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab), which after six months after its opening has attracted delegations from all over the world.