A partnership between South Korean firms Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom that will build a nationwide IoT friendly network.

South Korea has one of the fastest growing and most hi-tech economies in the world. So it is an extremely attractive market ....

As reported by TheVerge.com,1the companies announced plans to construct a network across South Korea for connected devices and smart city technology.

The coast-to-coast network is based on LoRaWAN technology, which stands for Long Range Wide-Area Network. The South Korean companies hail the initiative as the world’s first commercial LoRaWan network on a national scope. However, both KPN in Holland and Swisscom in Switzerland are rolling out national networks this year as well.

The network will be first rolled out in Korea’s fourth largest city Daegu utilizing the 900MHz frequency band. Following this, the network will be deployed nationally by mid-2016 according to the companies.

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    Samsung's building the first national network dedicated to smart cities

    LoRaWAN hits the big time in Korea

    Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom just announced plans to build a nationwide network in South Korea to connect the intelligent devices required for the smart cities of the future. It’s hailing the new LoRaWAN-based network as the world’s first for commercial use (although KPN in The Netherlands says it will also have a nationwide network available by June, and Swisscom is deploying its national network this year as well). These are in addition to several community-based networks already taking root around the world.