The conference was organised by THAAP in collaboration with the Institute of Art and Culture. With the objective of progressing into a more evolved state of society; THAAP conferences provide a platform to people from around the world, to have a healthy discussion on the papers presented by professionals, scholars and students.


The theme for the year 2019 is “Citizen and the City”. The chief guest for this year’s moot was Prof Dr Tariq Rehman who is D. Litt., Distinguished HEC Professor, and Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at a private university. The Guest of Honour was Prof Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin, former chairman, Punjab Higher Education Commission.

The keynote address was given by Ar./Plnr. Kalim A Siddiqui, Chairman of Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners & President of Commonwealth Association of Architects. He talked extensively about the crisis of global urban sprawl highlighting the issues of migration and incompatible by-laws in major cities of Pakistan. As a president of Commonwealth Association of Architects, he also talked extensively about sustainable development goals set under Commonwealth and brought to light the urgency to work on development of Architectural and Urban Planning profession and education to strengthen the weak built environment of cities in South Asian region.

The keynote address was followed by opening remarks by Dr Nizamuddin who talked about the need for acceptance of aging population and marginalised gender spaces.

He talked about the paradoxical situation where even living in the democratic countries, there is a need to address citizen’s rights to the cities. He highlighted some of the key issues of Pakistani society, population being one of the major issues, which will later aggravate issues of food safety, health, housing and infrastructural incompatibility.