After having made the first film on the Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi, in 2009, Bijoy and Premjit Ramachandran return to spend time with him to unravel more of the myth, metaphor and magic that make Doshi so magnetic. The film takes the audience on a journey beginning in Sarkhej Roza and ending in Ompuri Temple, designed by Doshi in 1998 as a homage to The Mother. Featuring an all-new score and previously unreleased footage of Doshi post the Pritzker accolade, the film brings you up, close and personal with the man, his work and his thoughts on the here and hereafter. The film will not only introduce people to a truly great modern architect but also to an evolved, cultured human being and help redirect our attention to the truly important questions of our time.

Chapter I: Architecture as Atmosphere (The Anonymous Architect)
Chapter II: Architecture as Throughness (The Acrobat Architect)
Chapter III: Architecture as Dialogue (The Visceral Architect)
Chapter IV: Architecture as Wonder (The Mystic Architect)
Chapter V: Architecture as Oasis (The Ethereal Architect)
Chapter VI: Architecture as Organism (The Primordial Architect)
Chapter VII: Architecture as Awakening (The Silent Architect)