This one-day conference on 4 April 2020 at the National Maritime Museum will examine the role of naval bases and naval support facilities of all nationalities in and around the Indian Ocean. It is organised by the Naval Dockyards Society. 

Were bases built to defend colonies, control colonies, or to attack the enemy? Were they to suppress local forces, engage companies threatening the British East India Company or as adjuncts to European struggles? How useful were they to their founding countries in the 17th–20th centuries? How has their heritage developed?

Your talk will be 20-40 minutes. The published paper will be 6–10K words long, required three months after the Conference for editing. Please send your title and 300-word synopsis to [email protected].

If your proposal is accepted, the Naval Dockyards Society will pay standard UK travel expenses (not international flights), your conference fee and lunch, publish it in our Transactions and give you a complimentary copy.