Arch World features Chartered Architect Dylan Holsinger, who feels that amicability with the client can yield positive results. ... “A house should not be like women who wear make up to look good. That beauty is only on the outside. The house should feel good on the inside. That is what I concentrate on. That is where the magic is: when you come into the house. The outer look may not be grand. To me what is important is living in the house,” added Holsinger.

Comfort comes with light and ventilation, and volumes – everything that comes together to make the space. The chemistry of architecture is the feeling.

“The main thing is that the client should feel good. When they come in, it should be a feeling that comes from the inside. This includes all the senses. I draw happiness out of people from the spaces I design. I love working with clients who try and experiment. That is the dream. Clients have to trust the architects. They have to be my friends. If these two come together, we can create good architecture. Spaces need to evoke feelings. Then the architecture is successful. I like clients who are open,” pointed out Holsinger.

Architects make things fall into place. They see it happening and see the end results.

“There are a lot of solutions to one problem when it comes to architecture – that is what I think. There can be the most obvious solution and there can be a solution that the client will say – ‘wow I never thought about that!’ That is what is meant by thinking out of the box,” informed Holsinger. ... “You have to be empathetic to the client. There are things they don’t say. So you have to read all that in. So it is not easy,” said Holsinger.

“One thing I have come across is that people look at magazines. They bring these magazines and pictures and ask us to do them. Sometimes it is just a picture so you have to take the correct context of what you are building. You can’t do everything in the picture. So I think they, the client should be also knowledgeable,” maintains Holsinger.