International support has gained momentum over India Trade Promotion Organisation's (ITPO) proposal to raze Hall of Nations and Nehru Pavilion.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York, Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Union of International Architects and Architects Regional Council, Asia, have all written to the ministry of commerce this week to save the two buildings, claiming they were iconic structures and represented 20th century architecture.

".. The Hall of Nations and the Nehru Pavilion in Pragati Maidan, both built to celebrate 25 years of Indian independence, express a new step in development of modernity in terms of aesthetics, constructive innovation and social engagement.One one hand, the Nehru Pavilion is probably the first at tempt of a contemporary interpretation of a multi-secular traditional architecture in India, one the other hand, the Hall of Nations is known in Europe as in the United States, as the first large scale spatial structure in concrete in the world," reads the letter from the Pompidou Centre in Paris.