The scope of the journal includes the study of a variety of different Computer-Mediated Communication Systems, such as game design, technical knowledge, artificial intelligence, psychology of gaming, uses of advanced technology information systems, cultural computing, players, game development and architectures, virtual reality, interactive games, mobile gaming, game and ethics, games and society, digital entertainment, creative industry, game programming and audio and visual design.

The journal aims to cover theoretical, technical, empirical research and survey articles that span the entire range of digital games, robotic technologies, toys and applications their implementation by virtual culture-oriented research in gaming design, cultural computing, interactive art, artificial intelligence systems for games with special focuses on human-computer integration, game design, players, and their role in society and culture.

The Journal of Computer Games and Communication aims to provide a forum for interdisciplinary debate on design of cognitive, techniques, theories, empirical and applications researches on the visual world created by artificial systems between human and computer games. The journal will solicit publication of high-quality contributions in established disciplines such as communication, computer science, anthropology, education, linguistics, arts and literature, business, media studies, psychology, psychiatry, philosophy, theology, sociology and behavioural science.Best Regards,

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