The Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 2nd - 9th November 2016

Warehouse of Architecture
Warehouse of Architecture © Gautam Bhatia
When three brothers from Jalandhar wanted the Thomas Jefferson villa from Virginia replicated at DLF Gurgaon, architect Gautam Bhatia not only had a bestseller, but he also furnished modern vocabulary with a new phrase — “Punjabi Baroque”. Here, Bach would mix with bhangra and rich, sculpted surfaces would sweat it out in the tropical climes of India. Not one to fight shy of uncovering India’s state of architecture, Bhatia’s new exhibition “City Fragments” at Delhi’s Visual Arts Gallery is his satirical take on the modern Indian city. Presented by Apparao Galleries, Bhatia’s work in pen-and-ink, and pencil drawings, and sculptures in fibreglass and bronze, point to the ironic dilemmas confronting an architect.1