The company’s shares are already down more than 90 per cent so far this year.

India’s surprise seizure of a troubled Indian shadow bank won’t end the woes of its lenders, faced with the risk of heavy writeoffs if Dewan Housing Finance Corp. is declared a fraudulent account.

Only about Rs 5,500 crore of provisions would be required if the KPMG report absolves Dewan of irregular lending, Budhbhatti said. 

Dewan has been struggling to repay its loans as the spreading shadow banking crisis has shut off new credit to the sector.1  The company’s shares are down more than 90 per cent so far this year. 

  • 1. Lenders, headed by Union Bank of India, have formed a committee to discuss a debt resolution plan, which will have to be reviewed by a resolution professional once Dewan is admitted to the bankruptcy court. In February, they appointed KPMG to look into Dewan’s books following allegations by Indian website Cobrapost that the company had diverted funds to shell companies.