Edited Volume: Indigenous Interfaces: Spaces, Social Networks & Indigenous Identities in Latin America

Globalization has accelerated the transformation of everything, including culture, as a resource (Yúdice 2003). This situation calls for a complex negotiation of cultural reproduction and identity and, in the case of Latin American indigenous communities, these dynamics are set into motion in a transnational arena. Indigenous Interfaces addresses the many ways that indigenous communities they have tapped into global markets through new technologies, especially social media, and have established transnational connections. It further considers how these communities have used multiple resources, including funding from international organizations and international volunteers, to create a niche in cyberspace. The volume will highlight the ways that indigenous peoples have put globalization at their behest, ultimately promoting the visibility of indigenous peoples, the economic viability of their communities and the continuity of our/their traditions. The volume will break new ground in the field of Indigenous cultural studies by bringing identity and technology into dialogue in the context of globalization. Contributions to the volume will examine the many manifestations of these concepts and will cover ground on many issues, including:

  • indigenous media/communications theory
  • grassroots movements
  • cultural sustainability
  • entrepreneurship
  • cultural & eco-tourism
  • youth cultures
  • gender & sexuality
  • oral histories and literary traditions
  • experimental film
  • fiber arts & visual arts
  • languages in contact and language shift
  • indigenous media industry & markets
  • indigenous performance on virtual platforms
  • leisure & social class
  • agro-export & service economies
  • indigenous intellectual networks
  • indigeneity in video gaming
  • GIS, drones and surveillance

SUBMISSIONS: Please email your proposal (Title, 200-300-word abstract in English or Spanish), and author's CV as electronic attachment to jgomezme[at]d.umn.edu by Dec. 15, 2016. You will receive a confirmation of receipt within one week of submission. Your first draft (5000 to 6000 words, including footnotes and bibliographical references) will be due on March 1, 2016 and will then undergo blind review. If accepted, you will then be asked to provide a final draft by July 1, 2017.