Ahmedabad-based HCP Design, Planning and Management, headed by CEPT University president Bimal Patel, has been picked by Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT) to prepare a master plan to redevelop their 7 sq km land in the centre of Mumbai. The HCP-led consortium includes PricewaterhouseCoopers and Unity Consultants.

Six globally recognised consultants were shortlisted earlier this year. They presented concept designs to MbPT last week and financial bids were opened on November 23.

MbPT chairman Sanjay Bhatia said, “They (HCP) were technically at the top..The consultant will prepare a master plan for 500ha in six months and a detailed plan for 150ha in one year.” Bhatia added, “Formal approval to the consortium will be given after the board of trustees’ permission.”

Since port activities have diminished, MbPT wants to redevelop their 10km long by ¾km wide stretch of eastern seafront land. The master plan will provide a framework to develop their land into a world-class urban districts for businesses, homes, leisure and tourism.