"Inhabited Space in the Dâr al-Islâm", International colloquium organised by Prof. Alastair Northedge, Dr Sterenn Le Maguer and Apolline Vernet. Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne/Laboratoire Islam Médiéval/IISMM/INHA


Thursday 15 december 2016

10h00 – Welcoming

10h30 – Introduction by Prof. Alastair Northedge

11h00 – Dwelling in Bilâd al-shâm

  • Genequand Denis : Living in the Syrian steppe: Early islamic and Medieval houses at Qasr al-Hayr al-Sharqi
  • Walker Bethany : Vernacular Architecture and Rural Housing in Mamluk Syria
  • Petersen Andrew : Medieval Houses in Palestine

12h30 – Lunch

14h00 – Dwelling in al-Andalus

  • Gilotte Sophie, Moreno Narganes José María : Almoravid houses in the al-Andalus margins: the case of Albalat (Cáceres, Spain)
  • Daza Pastrana Fernando : Seville ‘andalusí ‘: The urban development based upon latest assets achieved from archaeologic researches in the city
  • Blanco Guzmàn Rafael: The « patio-house » in the Almohad Cordoba (12th-13th cent.): new prospects
  • Van Staëvel Jean-Pierre, Fili Abdallah, Ettahiri Ahmed S., Godener Morgane, Héritier-Salama Violaine, Wech Pierre : Domestic spaces and/or community spaces in the Igiliz housing (Marocco, 12th cent.)

16h00 – Coffee break

16h30 – The traditionnal islamic dwelling

  • Chekhab-Abudaya Mounia : Domestic architecture in the qsûr of southeastern Algeria
  • Pieri Caecilia :  Traditional Architecture of Baghdad

Friday 16 december 2016

10h00 – Dwelling after the Near-East conquest

  • Labisi Giuseppe : The Umayyad elite housing in the Bilad al-Sham
  • Vernet Apolline : Living in town after the Islamic conquest in the Near East

11h00 – Coffee break

11h30 – The inhabited space: other approaches

  • Ben Azzouna Nourane : Housing representation in medieval arab painting
  • Le Maguer Sterenn : Perfuming inhabited space: the use of incenses

12h30 – Lunch

14h00 – Spatial distribution: the different scales of analyse

  • Guerin Alexandrine, Al-Naimi Faysal: The village of Murwab: vessel and house, distribution and function. Qatar, 9th cent.
  • Northedge Alastair : Material from B "palace" at Raqqa
  • Gascoigne Alison : Residential areas of Tinnis via satellite imagery
  • Rante Rocco : Housing evolution in the Bukhara oasis between Late Antiquity and Medieval period.

16h00 – Coffee break

16h30 – Posters session

Saturday 17 december 2016

9h30 – Dietary habits in the Islamic world

  • Monchot Hervé : Archaeozoologic elements from domestic contexts
  • Haidar Vela Nairusz : Sherds and men: the transformation of the Middle-Euphrates vessel assemblage after the Islamic conquest

10h30 – Coffee break

11h00 – The contribution of archaeobotany

  • Ros Jérôme : Diet, agro-pastoral customs and combustible ressources in rural Al-Andalus: archaeobotanical approach
  • Dabrowski Vladimir, Bouchaud Charlène, Tengberg Margareta, Rougeulle Axelle, Ros Jérôme : Archaeobotanical assemblages in the Islamic inhabited space as assesment of daily life: the example from Qalhât (Sultanate of Oman)

12h00 – Conclusive words (Sterenn Le Maguer et Apolline Vernet)3

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