IIA Goa Chapter Chairman Manguesh Prabhugaonkar in his letter to North Goa Planning and Development Authority (NGPDA) Member Secretary R Pandita has suggested that the requirements of the Smart City concept be included into the draft ODP. 

“The outline development plans for the current urban areas in questions for all our towns, are facing challenges of urbanisation posing threats to the planning areas with reference to existing built environment and infrastructural facilities,” Prabhugaonkar said. 

He said there are a number of anomalies visible in the draft ODP which need to be corrected. “It is seen that high FAR has been proposed for properties on sloping lands, some of which are too steep to be considered feasible for constructions. PDA needs to study the gradients of such sites and rectify all anomalies,” Prabhugaonkar said. 

“Similarly, new public roads are proposed which do not have feasible road gradient. Also road access to number of properties have been indicated although they have been re-assigned higher FAR,” Chairman said. 

Prabhugaonkar also pointed out that the number of open spaces is not indicated while a few occupied spaces are represented as recreational.