• Convenors: Nigel Westbrook, Peter Scriver, Amit Srivastava

SAHANZ invites proposals from current PhD students for participation in the SAHANZ 2nd PhD Symposium to be held in Adelaide on July 3-4, 2017.1 The event will be co-hosted by the University of Adelaide and the University of Western Australia, and will aim to connect advanced PhD candidates, as emerging researchers, with established scholars in architectural history. In the context of the Adelaide Congress 2017* the symposium will draw on national and international scholars from a larger network associated with SAHANZ, SAH-Asia and CAMEA, to offer expert commentary on the research presented, and to engage in roundtable discussions and academic networking.

Abstracts (300-400 words max.) for proposed papers should identify and briefly discuss a key issue, argument, and/or illustrative case explored in the student’s current PhD research that will be feasible to address effectively in a 20 minute presentation. The abstract should also briefly outline the larger PhD research project – question, aims, and approach – focusing in particular on the nature of the evidence that is being examined, the conceptual framework, and the specific research strategies and tactics employed.

Please email the abstract with author details and institutional affiliation to Nigel.Westbrook[at]uwa.edu.au

Please put “SAHANZ PhD Symposium” in subject line.

  • 1.

    Prospective participants should note that the SAHANZ PhD Symposium will be part of a larger scholarly event, the Adelaide Congress 2017 (1-4 July, 2017), which will include the CAMEA 20th Anniversary Plenary and the SAH-Asia 2nd International Symposium. This should present participating PhD students with a great opportunity to meet a larger range of established and emerging architectural scholars. Participants are further encouraged to attend the SAHANZ annual conference in Canberra. 

    • 01 July 2017 /Saturday/ Adelaide Congress Reception and Keynote
    • 02 July 2017 /Sunday/ SAH-Asia 2nd International Symposium
    • 03 July 2017 /Monday/ SAHANZ 2nd PhD Symposium (Day 1) CAMEA 20th Anniversary Event (Evening Program)
    • 04 July 2017 /Tuesday/ SAHANZ 2nd PhD Symposium (Day 2)
    • 05 July 2017 /Wednesday/ Travel day to participate in SAHANZ Conference, Canberra 

    For more information about other Adelaide Congress events, please access the Congress website or e-mail the organisers at: amit.srivastava[at]adelaide.edu.au or peter.scriver[ay]adelaide.edu.au