• Panel at 17th ACASA Triennial Symposium on African Art, Accra, 8-13 August 2017
  • Chairs: Till Förster and Fiona Siegenthaler

Art articulates experiences, thoughts, values or sociopolitical claims in aesthetic ways. Therefore, artists often occupy liminal positions in their societies; as representatives of the social on the one hand and as critical ‘outsiders’ on the other. They link societal milieus, often adopting the position of mediators and critics between conflicting cultural world-views, social values and political agendas. They are crucial in all meanings of the term ‘articulation’: Acting as ‘hinges’ that separate but also connect different parts of society, they trigger social communication and debate, and they are themselves part and parcel of social, political and economic dynamics.

This panel seeks paper contributions that theoretically reflect the notion of ‘articulation’ by drawing on case examples.

Please send paper proposals to: Fiona.Siegenthaler[at]unibas.ch and Till.Foerster[at]unibas.ch

Abstract requirements:

  • Title
  • Short abstract not to exceed 100 words
  • Longer Abstract not to exceed 250 words
  • Contact information including institutional affiliation, address, phone, fax, and e-mail