Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha expressed his concern over the massive me

"Urbanisation is much more pervasive as a phenomena and more widespread than the numbers we pick up", he said, suggesting that projects are being developed in a very spontaneous and but not planned.

Speaking at a conference, Sinha cited the example of three major clusters developing in India. They are: the NCR, including Faridabad, Manesar, Meerut, the Mumbai-Pune region and Bangalore-Chennai area. These are witnessing a continuous urban settlement and growing at an unprecedented way.

"Development of clusters is the most organic way of urban development. With the Indian economy growing at 7%, it is bound to become $4-5 trillion worth in terms of numbers and clusters like the great NCR would be equivalent to countries like UK, given policy management," he said.

Sinha mentioned the extraordinary development of global urban clusters like Shanghai, Boston and New York, and called for better connectivity in the country.

"You would be blown away by the infrastructure connectivity amongst these clusters in comparison," he said.