Curated by Roobina Karode.

  • Yatra: The Rooted Nomad - M F Husain
  • The Black Sun - S H Raza
  • Man Grinding his Teeth - F N Souza
  • Delhi: Building the Modern
  • Madan Mahatta, Raj Rewal, Mahendra Raj, Kuldip Singh, Hobib Rahman and A P Kanvinde(in collaboration with Ram Rahman)
  • Events in a Cloud Chamber: Documents for Vision Exchange Workshop
  • Akbar Padamsee, Ashim Ahluwalia, Nalini malani and Nasreen Mohamedi
A model of the NDMC building displayed at the Kiran Nadar museum
A model of the NDMC building displayed at the Kiran Nadar museum © Ram Rahman

Stretched Terrains desires to rewind, excavate and re-examine a set of enquiries around ‘modernity’ that came up in the past decades. In its entirety this manifold exhibition brings out the multiform, tenors and textures of modernism in Indian art through three profound exhibitions of M.F.Husain, F.N.Souza and S.H.Raza, and an exhibition highlighting the works of five architects and seminal architectural buildings in Delhi. On another axis it strings together works of contemporary artists Atul Dodiya, Mithu Sen, Pushpamala N. and Navjot Altaf who critique as well as play with the modernist vocabulary at various junctures. Providing an exciting interstitiality between these two approaches are Parthiv Shah’s photographs of Husain and the films and documents from the Vision Exchange Workshop held in Bombay 1969-1972.