Neoliberal city or 'city for people', city of single thought or place for coexistence of differences, who weaves the city? According to which interests? Through which accomplishments? By what methods can such processes be mapped? What languages can we use to register them?

The fourteenth issue of V!RUS journal seeks to discuss processes which contribute to the making of the city, highlighting the action of different actors who continuously weave it, in its various dimensions. Understanding their dynamic interweaving from different but cooperative perspectives - historical, technological, communicational, political and administrative, artistic, environmental, behavioral ones - is the purpose of this call.

V!RUS is an online academic journal, currently accessed from about 400 cities located in over 60 countries. V!RUS is a bilingual English-Portuguese journal, published twice a year by Nomads.usp, the Center for Interactive Living Studies, of the Institute of Architecture and Urbanism, at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. V!RUS only targets academic communication, with no commercial interest, and it is shared under the Creative Commons BY-NC license. The journal can be fully accessed at the website www.nomads.usp.br/virus/. (Current issue at www.nomads.usp.br/virus/virus13).

Papers can be submitted either in ENGLISH, SPANISH OR PORTUGUESE.

+ info and full call text at: www.nomads.usp.br/virus/virus13