The Beary's group is unique in many respects, since the founder Syed Beary follows the path laid out by "His Grace" with heart. As a client, Syed has become famous for his attention to detail and soaring ambition to make an icon with every new project.

It was fitting then, that Mr. Raj relaunched his book at one of his own projects "The Bearys Global Research Triangle", Whitefield Bangalore.

The opening ceremony is a reminder that India is a pluralistic nation since time began. Imagine - The client is a prominent developer with roots in Yemen, leveraging world class consultants including Kashmiri Pandit Mr. Raj in a futuristic building where mulifaith kids sing "e maalik teray bandey hum".

Hearing Mr. Beary and Mr. Raj speak about their project and other projects in Chandigarh with the founder of "modern" le corbusier.