In order to stop new development in areas previously consumed by forest fires, Spanish firefighters are using a little known law that prohibits new building's within a 500 meter (0.3 miles) radius of a cemetery.

The Spanish Forest Firefighters National Association (ANBF) has launched a campaign to build bogus graveyards on barren areas where forest fires have ravaged woodland.

It has dug up an obscure piece of legislation that says buildings cannot be constructed within a 500 metre radius of a cemetery.

“In principle, no one will be buried there,” said ANBF spokesman Iñigo Hernandez, speaking to The Independent, who this week decided to publicise the campaign worldwide.

“Creating cemeteries in burnt areas aims to discourage the intentional burning of the forests. Allowing the building on burnt down forest areas leads to fires started intentionally, which result in the destruction of natural ecosystems, where animals, trees and plants live.”