The Chandigarh Administration has decided to develop a world-class architecture based research centre in Chandigarh. This research centre will showcase the work of 2 famous architects that designed Chandigarh – Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. Both these architects developed Chandigarh in 1960s.

Chandigarh administration has begun the work on the same in Sector 5, Chandigarh.

Highlights of the Research Centre

Everyone in the world knows about the city beautiful Chandigarh and they dream to visit this place once in their life. But very few people know about the development and history of Chandigarh. Chandigarh Administration has taken the initiative to provide the tourist with full knowledge about Chandigarh and its development as a city beautiful.

  • Jeanneret’s house in Sector 5 has been renovated as research centre.
  • Le Corbusier’s Centre at Sector 19 will also be developed as a research centre in Chandigarh.
  • Both the centres will be converted into research centre using the heritage furniture by the Administration.
  • The ground floor of Jeanneret house will be turned into a museum.
  • The upper part of the house will be decorated with old furniture that will take you to the time when Jeaneret use to live there.
  • The rooms will be used as guest rooms.

Le Corbusier was a well known Swiss- French architect, painter and much more, who has designed the master plan of the first well-planned city of India i.e ‘Chandigarh’. And Jeanneret was the cousin of Le Corbusier, who also helped him to develop the city beautiful during 1960s.