After roaming around through the day in the gorgeous landscape of black rock, lush foliage, paddy and water... out of nowhere in the tiny village of Ratanwadi, out of the paddy and ponds rose a black monolith.

Monsoon in the Sahyadris, a Temple
Monsoon in the Sahyadris, a Temple © Riyaz Tayyibji

The temple itself was spectacular in its setting, made even more impressive by its Kund. But nothing compared to its unusual Garbha Griha, accessible from both ends... directly and through the Mandappa. Nandi sits behind the sanctum, but in this case also at the entry. The sanctum is approachable from both east and west and you can see through it. Most interestingly there is no deity, no Shiv Linga. Only water onto which a copper vessel is suspended. The vessel is adjusted daily to kiss the surface of water. The temple is dedicated to Amruteshwar Mahadev.