NAGPUR: "When you work on some project, then, after a point of time you come to realize that it is a reflection of your inner exploration and outer manifestation. Concepts or the project which came to me is because when you love something from inside those things will be attracted towards you. These will come to you in some way like how it has come to me in the form of Auroville," said Mona Pingel, a well-known architect who is practising at Auroville, a universal township in the making near Puducherry. 

Pingel was speaking at a programme organized by Manoramabai Mundle College of Architecture to celebrate the International Women's Day. She was felicitated for her work in the field of architecture. 

Pingel also gave a presentation on 'The inner journey from within to without' and shared her work at Auroville. Sharing her experience with the audience, she said that Auroville has people from around 49 nations, from all age groups, different social backgrounds and cultures and are representing humanity as a whole. "We are so busy in our life that we do not find peace anywhere in this world and there comes the idea of Auroville whose purpose is to realize human unity in diversity," she added. 

The population of the township is constantly growing and currently stands at 2,500 people, of whom approximately one-third are Indians. 

"I practised for 25 years as an architect in Auroville and it slowly grew on me. We should constantly keep thinking on how our work can help people. How we architects can make a better society by our designs and ideas. Another key guiding principle in my work is the creation of buildings which are healthy (building biology, sick building syndrome), taking into account factors like electromagnetic fields, use of natural materials and Earth energies," she said.