1.Project Background:

Located in the south of Longhua District, Shenzhen City, Shenzhen North Railway Station Hub Area is next to Meiguan Innovation Industrial Corridor and Banxuegang High-Tech Zone to the east, connects Xili University Town to the west and links with the area of Meilin Caitian and Futian CBD via Tanglang Hill to the south. The Area is the high-speed railway gateway of Shenzhen, an important part of the urban core area of Shenzhen in the future and an important node for promoting Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation and enhancing the central axis of the region of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Dongguan.The Area is both a high-speed railway hub and a central area and comprises one of Shenzhen's largest high-speed railway hubs at present and in the future. In addition to the Metro Lines 4\5\6 that have been completed or are under construction, Lines 22\27 and Shenzhen–Huizhou Intercity Railway will also be introduced to the Area in the future, furthermore, the high-speed railway passengers from south and north to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong will further increase in the future, therefore, Shenzhen North Railway Station Hub Area will become a hub new town that promotes the internal and external connection of the city and links with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

In this international consultation, planning and design agencies shall, based on the important mission of Shenzhen’s building a pilot demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics, with the vision of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area,plan and design Shenzhen North Railway Station Hub Area with a high starting point and build it into the pilot area for Shenzhen to connect the Bay Area and integrate with the region and an urban gateway to manifest urban civilization and charm in the future.

2. Scope of International Consultation:

The international consultation includes two levels, i.e., urban design scope and detailed design scope.

The urban design scope covers 2.76km2 with limits to Meiguan Expressway in the east, west park of North Railway Station in the west, Minfeng Road - Nanyuan Road - Minkang Road in the south, and Baisong 1st Road - Mintang Road in the north.

The detailed design scope includes at least the East Square of North Railway Station (including the section of the Intercity Station), Station Park in East Square, and the adjacent construction land on the north and south sides of the Station Park, totaling 29ha. Design agencies may supplement the above detailed design scope in combination with their understanding of the Area.

3.Purpose of Consultation:

This international consultation will persist in the requirements of “global vision, international standard, local characteristics and high positioning” to solicit forward-looking and innovative urban design proposals from domestic and foreign excellent design institutions.

(1)New value connotations

Build the North Railway Station Hub Area into an urban gateway area to showcase Shenzhen's modern urban civilization, centrally display Shenzhen's ethos of renovation, exploration, and vitality and inclusiveness, manifest Shenzhen’s city DNA of advancing with the times and show Shenzhen's planning and design ideas of operating the city with high quality and its respect of people.

(2)New space prospects

Continue and strengthen the design philosophy of “green ecology, three-dimensional city, park city and transit-oriented development”, innovate the urban spatial pattern in combination with the production mode and lifestyle requirements in the future, construct a diverse, flexible, composite and interconnected building hierarchy close to people and shape natural and charming urban public spaces that integrate with the landscape.

(3)New quality characteristics

Create a top urban destination in the Bay Area with a vision of the future and international standards. Improve urban functions and place quality, create ubiquitous humanistic care and build a diverse, dynamic, composite, shared three-dimensional interesting town with excellent experiences based on the basic perspective and feelings and experiences of people.