The Association for Furniture Studies (AEM) will be hosting the third bi-annual Ibero-American Congress on the History of Furniture, which will take place from 16-19 September 2020 in Barcelona under the theme of Connections.

The 2020 Congress is set to be an exceptional meeting of minds in the academic, specialist and furniture making community and will provide a wonderful opportunity for both personal and professional networking over the course of four days.

During the Congress we will be visiting some important furniture collections, both museum and private, conservation/restoration workshops, furniture makers and antique dealers around the city. We hope to make this a unique opportunity to provide exclusive access to key people and places of interest in Barcelona.

The Ibero-American Congress on the History of Furniture was an initiative born out of the University of Oviedo and the Portuguese Catholic University of Porto, with an aim to create a bi-annual event where the latest research in furniture studies could be showcased across different disciplines, chronologies and cultural perspectives.

The AEM, founded in 2004, serves as a scientific reference center for research and the dissemination of studies on historical and contemporary furniture. It will be the host organization for this edition and hopes to elevate the 2020 Congress into a space for the exchange of ideas and intellectual growth.

The third edition of the Congress will build on previous bi-annual initiatives and will celebrate the advancements of all those who have contributed to the Congress and the history of Ibero-American furniture. Likewise, it will be an occasion which will recognize the substantial contribution the Association for Furniture Studies has made through its work over the last sixteen years.