Date: 23/03/2017
The Ministry of Commerce,
New Delhi, India

The Hall of Nations and the Nehru Pavilion at Pragati Maidan are symbols of India's Modern identity, built to mark 25 years of India's Independence. Currently, these iconic landmarks are struggling to survive even amidst a global movement against its demolition. These Permanent Exhibition spaces designed by Raj Rewal and Mahendra Raj, reflect the Indian sentiment in the Modern Period. Completed in 1972, the buildings not only represent the cultural milieu of the period but are also significant symbols of power, democracy and engineering supremacy. They have an important place in the memory of generations of architects who practice in India and of citizens of Delhi.

We at Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Ansal University are committed to engaging with Modern Architecture in the Indian context. Our curriculum provides ample opportunity for students to interact with Modern buildings in the country. The Hall of Nations and Nehru Pavilion are an integral part of this discourse on Modern Architecture, whose physical presence has a strong academic and symbolic significance. Hence, the School strongly supports the cause of saving these iconic structures. We would like to urge the Ministry to reconsider its decision to demolish these landmarks. We will be very happy to provide institutional and academic support of ideas for regeneration and contemporary reuse of the complex.

Dr Vibhuti Sachdev Dean
Sushant School of Art & Architecture
Ansal University
Gurgaon, India