Meet Dr. Sumaya Bint Sulaiman Al Sulaiman, Saudi Arabia's first female dean of a design college

Al Sulaiman now heads the College of Design at the Imam Abdul Rahman Bin Faysal University, formerly known as the University of Dammam, in the Eastern Province.

Dr. Sumayah Al Solaiman - 2014 Ibn Khaldun Fellowship Workshop

Al Sulaiman’s new status crowns a well-established experience and dedicated efforts, Saudi daily Okaz reported on Wednesday.

She holds her PhD in architecture from the University of Newcastle, UK, a master's degree in architecture from King Faisal University and executive certificates in management, leadership, strategy and innovation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the daily added. She was also the recipient of the Ibn Khaldun Fellowship from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Al Sulaiman was recognised for winning Prince Mohammad Bin Fahad award for scientific excellence and the best scientific research poster at the University of Newcastle.

She represented Saudi Arabia in India, Austria, the United States of America and Britain.

Al Sulaiman was the recipient of the Ibn Khaldun Fellowship at MIT in 2013-14. “Her research interests include areas of intersection between architecture and politics such as the mediation of power in space and place; ideologies and nation-building in architectural practice; and regionalism within modernism.”