OAR: The Oxford Artistic and Practice Based Research Platform, Issue 3:

For the third issue of OAR,1 'That's All There Is', we seek contributions and proposals which tackle issues of finitude, remnants, endings and re-visitation. From environmental and evolutionary studies to philosophical conceptualisation and filmmaking, practice based research seems to not only enact, but also be contingent on these concerns. What are the temporal qualifiers of research? When may we say ‘it has started’? Can we ever say ‘it is completed’? What are the limits of ‘practice’ in practice based research – materially, conceptually, artistically – from minimal gesture to maximum expansion? How can one revisit or redefine historical and/or scientific periodisation and end-points? What are the strategies adopted by researchers to return to categories and topics considered already closed, in order to explore what might have been left out, forgotten, or erased?

As well as contributions to this issue, we have an on-going open call for responses to already published content. We are actively seeking responses to our first issue, 'Sites of Research', available at: http://www.oarplatform.com/issue/issue-1/

We invite the submission of finished works and papers, as well as abstracts and proposals. Submissions are invited from any discipline, and we will accept submissions in a wide range of media (text, image, film, and sound). Final written contributions should be under 5,000 words, though we encourage shorter pieces of around 2,000 words. The anticipated publication date for this Issue is April 2018.

Deadline for submissions: 15 August 2018.

All submissions and inquiries should be sent to: [email protected]

Please include:

1 Your submission:

1.1 a full contribution (recommended); OR

1.2 an abstract/proposal (500 words): please include not only the research questions, but also your argument and/or the details of your inquiry.

2 A short biographical statement (150 words),

3 Examples of previous work (optional):

3.1 For text-based proposals we recommend submitting one previous piece of writing, or links to works online.

3.2 For multimedia proposals we recommend submitting two images of previous work, or links to works online.

Please submit all written material in a Word document.

  • 1. OAR: The Oxford Artistic and Practice Based Research Platform is a new initiative which provides a platform for those who engage in dynamic, artistic, innovative, and multimedia forms of research. Through its publication and format, OAR seeks to challenge the temporality of the academic production and to stimulate a culture of cross-disciplinary response. We particularly welcome contributions by art historians who explore the practice based research methods of artists or who employ these methods in their own work.