The European Real Estate Society (ERES) is pleased to announce the 13th ERES Education Seminar to be held in Alicante, Spain, organized by the University of Alicante, during December, 1st – 2nd 2017.

The Seminar will provide a forum for academics to present and discuss research on Real Estate Education, the challenges, techniques and other related issues. The seminar will devote one panel to identify the introduction of energy concepts in real estate education. This panel reflects collaboration with the RENTALCAL Project and its team members.

The conference will offer a unique opportunity to network with leading academics and researchers in real estate Education, share techniques, ideas, plans, new perspectives and any learning methods and processes with new approaches, and the changing trends and global developments in the field of Real Estate Education.

The seminar includes video recording sessions that will be transformed into a set of e-lectures to be uploaded on the web. The video recorded sessions will be Friday morning and afternoo of 1st December. We’ll send details of the proposed schedule.

Seminar Themes

The Seminar is calling for contributions in any real estate topics but we ask potential presenters to specially consider contributions on energy and data analysis (big data) issues.

Submission Guidelines

The submission deadline for the seminar abstracts is September 30th, 2017. An expression of interest to participate is required to be sent to the organizer’s email by July, 25th for those who want to prepare a lecture to be recorded. In this case, the topic and title for the 5-minute lecture must be included together with the author’s name and affiliation in the message. The final document (powerpoint presentation) for the recorded session should be sent by November 1st . Register of participants’ deadline is November 15th.

Key Dates:

  • July 25th 2017: Deadline for abstracts for recorded lectures
  • September 30th 2017: Deadline for abstracts for participation in the Seminar (standard sessions)
  • November 1st 2017: Deadline for submitting presentations for recording
  • November 15th 2017: Schedule for the recording session and final program
  • December 1st 2017 Recording session & ERES Education Seminar
  • December 2nd 2017 ERES Education Seminar

For questions: please contact Paloma Taltavull (Alicante University) at paloma[at]

The seminar will be held at the University of Alicante campus on the 1st of December 2017. The room is already booked at the ‘Salón de Grados’ (Main Room) of the Faculty of Economics on Dec 1st and in the Alicante UA headquarter building on Dec. 2nd. The recorded sessions will take place in the Technological room at the University campus (located in the Main Library Building) on Dec 1st, with available morning time range (9am to 2pm) and afternoon time range (3pm to 7pm).

Scientific Committee

  • Eamonn D’Arcy, University of Reading
  • Paloma Taltavull, University of Alicante


Submission should be sent to paloma[at] including:

  • Name author/s
  • Title
  • Abstract (max 200 words) about the proposal.
  • Intention to prepare material to be recorded in a 5-minute video.

Conference Venue

  • During the first day, for video-recording and Friday seminar sessions, the conference will be held at the Faculty of economics, University of Alicante campus, located 10 minutes by taxi from the airport and 15 minutes from Alicante city, in the town of San Vicente del Raspeig (building number 31, beside the motorway entrance).

  • During the second day, Dec 2nd the seminar will be held at the Alicante city UA headquarter venue, which is the former Business School established in the late nineteen century.