Submission deadline: 4th April 2020

Urban warfare constitutes an increasingly prominent feature of today’s operational environment, typified by recent fighting in Syria and Iraq. As with the first volume (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019) which covered such case studies as Stalingrad, Berlin, Algiers, Saigon, Belfast and Fallujah, this book will examine in detail the key elements which characterize this particularly costly and difficult method of fighting by focusing on notable examples dating from the period immediately preceding the Second World War through to recent times. 

Prospective authors prepared to write between 7,000 and 15,000 should state their preference and qualifications for completing one or more of the following chapters, in compensation for which they will receive a complimentary copy of the book upon publication: Madrid (1936) ; Ortona (1943); Warsaw (1944); Cherbourg (1944); Manila (1945);; Seoul (1950); Mogadishu (1993); Grozny (1994-96 and 1999-2000); Lebanon (2006); Gaza (2014); Iraq, (2014-19); Syria (2014-19)

Contact: Dr Gregory Fremont-Barnes, Department of War Studies, Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. 
Contact Email: [email protected]