Dr. Tian Miao, Lecturer in Urban Planning and Development, Department of Urban Studies University of Glasgow

Studies of housing systems lying in the ‘middle ground’ between state and market are subject to three important shortcomings. First, the widely used Esping-Andersen approach assesses only a subset of the key housing outcomes and may be less helpful for describing changes in housing policy regimes. Second, there is too much emphasis on tenure transitions, but an assumed close correspondence between tenure labels and effective system functioning may not be valid. Third, due attention has not been given to the spatial dimensions in which housing systems operate, in particular when housing policies have a significant devolved or localised emphasis. This talk intends to update Esping-Andersen’s framework, and suggests a preliminary list of housing system indicators, which could be used to capture the nature of the housing systems being developed and devolved. The applicability of this indicator system will then be verified with the case of China. This illustrates clearly the need for a more nuanced and systematic basis for categorising differences and changes in welfare and housing policies.

Julie Miao is a lecturer in Urban Development at Urban Studies, Glasgow University, and Programme Convenor of Regional and Urban Planning at the Glasgow-Nankai Joint Graduate School. Before joining Glasgow, she worked as Research Associate in the Department of Geography at St Andrews University. Her research has been developed along two broad strands of literatures: first is around innovation and high-tech sectors; the other is housing and housing systems. The intersection between the two in particular has been explored by Dr Miao from multidisciplinary approaches with several research outcomes available. She is the (co) author and (co)editor of the Making 21st Century Knowledge Complexes (Routledge Best Book Reward shortlist 2016); Global Affordable Housing Report; and Knowledge and Practice in Business and Organisations. Recently she was invited to contribute to a widely circulated volume, China Real Estate Development Blue Book. Among a number of academic leadership roles outside the university, she is a Fellow in the Young Academy of Scotland, Royal Society of Edinburgh and plays an active role in the Regional Studies Association as its Early Career Representative and journal co-editor.