The Radha Krishna Temple on 1450 N. Watters Road, Allen, TX 75013 opened its doors on 4 July 2017, at 7 AM, followed by grand, 8-day festival of joy and devotion.

The volunteers at the Radha Krishna Temple are gearing up to welcome thousands of guests for these eight days of joyous celebrations, which will take place from 4 – 11 July 2017. ... The temple has been built according to the guidelines of the Shilpa shastra, the ancient scripture for temple architecture in India. The stunningly beautiful deities of the Supreme Lord in his most charming forms as Radha Krishna arrived from Jaipur, Rajasthan, and are now ensconced in their lovely new abode in Allen, TX.

The temple is dedicated to the public, to become a living monument of love in the firmament of North America.