‘Into the Unknown: a Journey through Science Fiction’ is exactly what its title suggests—a genre-defining exploration of the multi-dimensional realms of science fiction.

In an attempt to condense the very expanding universe of sci-fi, the curator has taken inspiration from Asimov’s stages of science fiction, to structure the show into four key chapters—Extraordinary Voyages, Space Odysseys, Brave New Worlds, and Final Frontiers.

Patrick Gyger, curator of the show, says, “From 19th century cabinets of curiosities to cyberpunk, Into the Unknown takes a fresh, and at times, subversive look at the new territories, lost worlds, cosmic possibilities and virtual universes that traverse the broadest parameters of human imagination and yet are often instantly relatable.”

The importance of putting up a collection of this nature is visible in the rapid merchandising of science fiction. Lost in the sea of Wookie plushes and eclectic hairdo is the source material that inspired it. The props, the scripts and sketches that gave birth to this extended universe are all part of the exhibition. Concept art and models from films Godzilla, Stargate and Dark City are accompanied by music, film and contemporary art—including original objects and artwork from The Paul G. Allen Family Collection.