The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) is all set to convert the quaint old Gole Market heritage building into a museum, in a bid to preserve the Lutyen' s Delhi history. The New Delhi Museum will come depict the culture and history of the city since its birth as the imperial capital of the British India.

The Gole Market building dates to the pre-independence era.

According to NDMC officials, the building, with its original architecture, will be restored by September, 2018. "The heritage building will be turned into a museum so as to preserve the history of Lutyen's Delhi. The museum will have historical artefacts, old maps, and mementoes from the pre and post-independence periods. The place is expected to be visited by international tourists and dignitaries, besides locals," a senior official said. ... "Restoration of the building and setting up of the museum is likely to be completed by September, 2018. The museum will provide an opportunity for free discussion and dialogue and it will help sensitise target groups, such as teachers, adults, and youths for promotion and better understanding of our heritage," NDMC Chairman Naresh Kumar said.