During a session titled ‘Representing the city through a museum: The Case of Sanskar Kendra Museum at Ahmedabad’ at the Heritage Management Education and Practice conference held by Center for Heritage Management, AU on Saturday, Leora Peres Pezarkar, a student at the university said, “This museum wants to celebrate the living heritage of the city, but there has been no addition to the collections in the last 17 years. The question is, how is it representing the city and its people when the city has moved forward but the collection has not. Most of the 800 visitors every month, are school students.”

Designed by French-Swiss architect Le Corbusier in 1954, Sanskar Kendra has been likened to “a museum of man, popular tradition and scientific research”. Today, it has more than Rs 2 crore worth of donations in the form of artefacts and objects.