On Sunday evening, a book on studies in Indian sculpture and architecture, Footprints of Visvakarma, authored by Dhaky and complied by Shah was released at LD Institute of Indology in Navrangpura.

Dhaky was a tutor, spiritual guide, friend and a lot more to Shah. He revealed, “Before his death, Dhaky selected nine of his best articles and requested me to publish it. His wish is my command and so I am happy I was able to fulfill his last wish.” Dhaky breathed his last on July 29, 2016, and since then Shah immersed himself in the completion of the book.

It is a volume of nine interesting articles in the field of Indian Temple architecture and sculpture, complete with more illustrations. Diverse sculptures like The Nandi images of Tamilnadu, Chola sculptures, sacred architecture of south Asia and South-East Asia, Cave temples in Ellora, etc, are the topics Dhaky has covered. Shah explained, “In the Maru-Gurjara architecture, Dhaky found that it has the influence of Rajasthani and Gujarati style of sculpture. This is a discovery similar to discovering India! He was the unsung hero who deserves his due credit. And this book is one such attempt.” Dhaky was born in Porbander on July 1927, he lived in Benares for some time, before shifting to Ahmedabad.