School of Architecture of CEPT University was established in 1962 and is now Faculty of Architecture that forms one of the five faculties at the University. During these five decades, the students of this institution have documented a significant amount of traditional & other forms of architecture all over the country. Furthermore, a special focus of documentation has been within the Walled City of Ahmedabad. This is a "work in progress" exhibition to identify and archive this documentation that would be very valuable to the efforts in conserving the historic places of the city.  

The exhibition is curated from more than a hundred research thesis, several related study programs and documentation studies done by the under graduate and post graduate students of Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Design. The sheer diversity of the work done by students on the Walled City provides a great platform for the scholars and practitioners of architecture and conservation. The studies done by the students, on one hand include thematic / conceptual understanding of the city and its urban and domestic realms, and on the other a detailed understanding of  the making and materiality of house forms.  

This exhibition is not an exhaustive or a chronological display of the students’ work, but it attempts to bring out the outstanding documentation and some insightful studies on the Walled City. In a way it represents the University’s commitment to understand, study and document the city it is situated within.  

In addition to the students work, the exhibition also displays selected part of the documentation and compilation done for the World Heritage Nomination Dossier under the leadership of Prof. R. J. Vasavada. The Dossier was prepared by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation with the technical support from CEPT University.